care instructions

So that you can enjoy your hat or cap for as long as possible, please note the following care tips:

felt hats:

  • Storage: preferably dust-free in a hat box or in a closet
  • Grooming: Brush through the hair with a fine brush to remove dust
  • If the hat got wet, it would be best to let the hat dry on a cardboard hat stand
  • If the hat is out of shape, take it to a hat maker or milliner to have it ironed on

straw hats:

  • Please note straw hats are delicate and no umbrellas
  • Fine straw hats break easily, please do not kink and do not touch and squeeze the head
  • If the straw hat is out of shape, it too can be carefully ironed on and finished (stiffened).

fur hats:

  • Please store dust-free, but not in closed plastic bags (hair needs air!)
  • Rain and snow don't bother the fur hat. If the hat is wet, shake it out and let it dry
  • Please have the hat maker or milliner carry out the cleaning and/or reworking

Example of a simple cardboard hat stand and how to place the hat correctly to keep your hat in shape:

In the event of major damage or soiling, please call (Tel. 08145 - 99 99 66) and ask how you can best proceed .